The Squad.

Kelly Straka

Founder & CEO

Lux's fearless leader, Kelly Straka, began her career in real estate after graduating from Rutgers University (Go Knights!).  Being a gymnast throughout her life, and during college, left Kelly with a desire to continue competing...but in the real world.  While most of her fellow college students were attending wild theme parties and scraping by in classes, Kelly was reading Suze Orman books in her free time and dreaming of building her empire (she never missed a good theme party, though).  She graduated and dove into the real estate world by teaming up with top developers to help sell their listings faster, by staging during a slow economy. The success of Lux-Living's home staging led Kelly, an expert penny-pincher, to begin working with developers and homeowners that wanted a Lux look for their home, at an affordable price.  Currently, Kelly focuses on design projects, business development, attending local happy hours.  Her newest baby is her own real estate development company (whattup, Flame Investments).  Kelly is known for her keen business sense and ability to put the ‘elation’ in ‘Public Relations’.


Jill Jones

Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Jill oversees strategic planning and talent acquisition (please send all resumes and bribery her way).  She remains devoted to staff development and building team-morale.  In Jill’s early years she had aspirations of being an Oceanographer or the Easter Bunny.  When neither of those careers panned out due to geographic restrictions and glass ceilings, she became Operations Manager for the Lindens Program at Bancroft NeuroRehab where she remained responsible for the management of day-to-day operations, staff development, and retention. Jill’s contagious positivity, ambitious attitude, and tireless commitment to the professional development of her team, make her a key player in Lux-Living’s strategic initiatives and an ideal candidate for Girl Scout Troop Leader, should it not work out at Lux.  Outside of her leadership at Lux-Living, Jill is actively involved in charitable work for Autism Speaks.


Emily Chukusky

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Emily Chukusky, wears many hats at Lux.  This versatility is nothing new for the former research assistant turned graphic designer, turned lamp shade distributer, turned Uber driver (at Penn State...God bless her...) who is currently enrolled at LaSalle University and pursuing her graduate degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology.  We have a sneaking suspicion her time at Lux is just part of a very long and complex case study but we're still gladly taking the bait.  In her very little free time, Emily lives for live music and travel.  We are grateful for her dedication, selfless teamwork, and ability to expertly manage any scenario that comes her way.

Lorena Johnson

Coordinating Director

Originally a Georgia peach, Lorena Johnson, decided brutal winters, angry sports fans, and Wing Bowls were what was missing in her life and made the move to the City of Brotherly Love.  Lorena has a decade of experience as a gymnastics coach and now is utilizing her leadership skills to focus on flips of a different kind.  As Coordinating Director for Lux, Ren is proficient in Quickbooks, Excel, and advanced Amazon Shopping.  She brings boundless energy and an unmatched work ethic to the Lux Squad.

Rahine Williams

Rahine Williams, is the most senior member of the Lux team and oversees all the day-to-day moving operations.  A dedicated father of five, even his 4 boys and 1 girl couldn't prepare him for the rowdy bunch he works with at Lux.  Rahine brings fifteen years of moving experience to his role and has even developed a keen eye for design over the years.  Aside from an incredible knowledge of warehouse inventory and operations, Rahine's integrity and loyalty to the company set him apart.  When he's not lifting heavy things at Lux, Rahine indulges his softer side through poetry and dedication to his R&B group.

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